Courses and Workshops for Amateurs and Makers Groups

The ability to learn with ease and the cost effectiveness of the RepRap 3D printing model allow this technology to be used in all sectors from professional to personal. Computer designs are no longer an abstract concept as they are printed into physical forms.

Thanks to these advances, a multitude of aficionados for digital fabrication, known as makers, have appeared all around the world. Many people from diverse backgrounds are drawn to the new developments in creativity through 3D printing.

These courses are available for any kind of aficionados, in particular those in civic centers, makers and robotic associations. Courses vary in duration and skill level:

– Introduction to domestic printing:
Presentation of 3D printing technology and development at the domestic level. Use free and basic 3D design software, explain the basic modeling tools, and learn how to download, modify, and print files.

– 3D Printing Courses:
Develop skills in 3D printing using different software and learn how to calibrate and optimize the use of the printer to obtain quality prints.

– Computer Modeling and 3D Printing Workshop:
Learn how to skillfully use computer modeling programs to be able to create 3D designs and to prepare the 3D file for printing, as well as basic maintenance and calibration of the printer.

– Assembly Workshop:
Workshop to create a RepRap printer and learn how to skillfully use the related software. Backgrounds in electronic and information technology are not required.
*The course includes the BCN3D+ printing kit which will be constructed throughout the workshop and taken home.


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