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The newest generations of RepRap 3D printers bring forward the latest technology from the professional world to the amateur and educational. Digital fabrication has become a new teaching tool where students can gain a better understanding of the creative process and the materialization of abstract ideas. 

These courses introduce students to new technology through hands-on workshops while demonstrating 3D printing as a new tool for teachers where they can fully benefit from the possibilities of digital fabrication in technology classes and other areas.


Prospective Students:
These courses and workshops are focused primarily on Middle School and High School education. Activities catered to professional training are also available.

Main Objectives:

– Use technology in a constructive way.
– Understand the design process from abstraction to materialization.
– Introduce technical sciences and engineering in an entertaining way.
* In addition to the main course objectives, each activity will touch on a field outside of 3D printing.

Description and Methodology:
– This project can be done in Galician, Spanish, or English.
– A varierty of activities are available to adapt to school curiculums and teaching plans.
– The structured activities involve an introduction to theory, a team activity, a printing task and/or construction of a 3D printer.


Introductory courses in 3D technology specifically for teachers, focusing on the multiple possibilities and educational advantages of digital fabrication within the classroom. Three courses are available and they can be personalized depending on the needs of the educational center.

Introduction to Digital Fabrication for Teachers:
Introduce 3D printing technology and its applications in the distinct areas from prototyping to fabrication. We guide the students in the exploration of the multiple possibilities involved with this technology and the advantages in teaching.

3D Printing Courses for Teachers:
Develop skills for 3D printing using the necessary software, learn how to create the highest quality and optimize the best results from the printer.

Assembly Workshop:
Workshop to create a RepRap printer and learn how to skillfully use the related software. Backgrounds in electronic and information technology are not required.
*The course includes the BCN3D+ printing kit which will be constructed throughout the workshop and taken home.


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